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Bring the best out of you

We help you use you feminine energy to its fullest in order for you to get the confidence that is necessary to create the life you want .

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My name is Régine Elvila

I’m a beautician who’s very passionate about self improvement and body positivity . I created Elvila Cosmetics to give women in my community a chance to live and explore their femininity.

I believe that being comfortable and satisfied with who you are is one big step towards happiness . We want to contribute to your success not only as an individual but as a company.

Body Treatments Services

We can be an instrument that will help you along your journey of self improvement.

  • Combo 1 : Butt Lift & Breast Lift - 200$

  • Combo 2 : Butt Lift & Belly Fat Reduction - 180$

  • Combo 3 : Butt Lift & Cellulite Reduction - 180$

  • Combo 4 : Arms Fat Reduction & Belly Fat Reduction - 180$

  • Combo 5 : Butt Lift , Breast Lift & Belly Fat Reduction - 280$

Before and After - Butt Lifting
Before and After - Breast Lifting

À la carte

  • Butt Lift 150$

  • Breast Lift 150$

  • Cellulite Reduction 150$

  • Belly Fat Reduction 150$

  • Thigh Fat Reduction 150$

  • Arms Fat Reduction 150$

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Bring the best out of you with our products

2 in One Waist Trainer

The 2 in One waist trainer

Detox 14 Days Slimming Tea

Detox 14 Days Slimming Tea

Detox Tea 14 Days Slimming Tea

Fat Burning Hot Cream

Bootylicious Lifting Cream

Bootylicious Lifting Cream

Our products make losing weight easier and help stimulate your body's own fat generation for booty curves.

Logo - Elvila Cosmetics

Promote the best of you

We promote your products or services in Canada on all of our social media platform

Elvila Promotion

Elvila Cosmetics offer a variety of advertisement services

We can help you promote your beauty business, products or services in Montreal, Canada. In this big city, the beauty industry is very popular and in demand. Therefore, we can test your products as per your request and recommend them.

We post our promo videos on digital platforms such as Snapchat , Instagram, Facebook and more. We charge a small fee for this service. We discuss these matters privately. You can reach us, anytime by email or by phone.

Beauty company promo / publicity services

We want to work with you as a team by helping you promote your beauty company or services across Canada .

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